Mobile, Anywhere Digital Engagement Solutions 4 Proactive Care

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iConecto delivers Engagement 3.0 Solutions that focus on the convergence and application of mobile, social media, analytics and the Gx - Gamification Prescription for fitness, health care and life sciences. We deliver Infrastructure, Platform and App Solutions to achieve your engagement, effectiveness and earning goals with patients and professionals. From research and market intelligence to innovation, design and development we deliver Digital Engagement products, services and applications leveraging mobile, social media, behavioral change science and all new media technologies.

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iConecto Gamification 4 Health Overview

Engagement 3.0 – Mobile…Social Media…Gamification – Harness the Power

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iConecto Delivers Fitness, Health & Healthcare Content Development 4 Apple’s iPad™!

iConecto does iPadiPad™ will set a new standard in our connected lifestyle @home, @work, @everywhere. It will change how we experience life from news, sports and movies to fitness, personalized health and medical care delivery. The iConecto team knows fitness, healthcare and life sciences and how to make it work across all new media channels. The team knows how to use experiential media in all forms to generate awareness, create impact and deliver engagement. The team’s subject matter experts and developers are active with immersive learning, artificial intelligence, mobile app/game development and are ready to deliver compelling interfaces, programming, content and experiences for the Apple iPad, iPhone, Android tablets and other mobile Internet connected devices. We partner with you to achieve superior outcomes!

iConecto is the leading Engagement 3.0 company focused on superior health and performance.

iConecto partners with leading health enterprises, government and Fortune 1000 companies to design, develop and deploy gamficiation, serious video games, social media, mobile health apps, immersive learning simulations (ILS) and virtual world Solutions to meet vital needs and address today's challenges.

Do you need to improve engagement and effectiveness? Do you need to evolve your products into an interactive mobile health apps or experiential mobile Web 3.0 services that build market share, improve training effectiveness, and support enhanced health and performance? Do you want to partner with a team that offers an unique blend of insights and experience from the health, medical and entertainment industries. If so…then iConecto is the right team to connect with. We deliver...Strategies and 'New Solutions' for Engagement & Effectiveness; Market Intelligence; and Immersive Training Simulations for Success.

iConecto Clients Lead the Way to Proactive Care & Performance…

  • Prototyping a Secure Mobile Professional Clinician Social Networking solution paired with Gaming4Training for CME for multiple specialties and sponsors
  • Developing Rehab@Anywhere, an open source, cloud-based infrastructure that integrates mobile, social media and gaming technologies— to stimulate and support increased levels of movement and physical activity for patients
  • Doing stealth Engagement 3.0 projects for Merck, HealthSpan Institute, Prematics, Inc., and others
  • Ask us about our Move4Health and Breath4Health solutions!

  • "No Flu 4 You" a Kids Empowering Kids video from the DreamDog Foundation & iConecto
  • Applying Engagement 3.0 - Mobile+ SocialMedia + Gamification + Science tools to accelerate growth for leading global pharmaceutical companies
  • Prototyping a Gaming4Training solution with knowledge, skills and cognitive performance improvement experiences and gamification widgets
  • Creating "GoWowza" for parents and kids - a sensor based heart healthy multimedia immersive experience
  • Supporting Quality Performance with Online Communities for Ascension Health & Bon Secours Health System
  • Delivering Immersive Learning, Health eGames and Gamification Tools for Life

For fitness, health and life sciences enterprises:

iConecto is the knowledge leader on Engagement 3.0 experiential media for health enterprises seeking to improve health and performance through predictive analytics, science and new media including social media, video games, health apps, interactive learning, virtual worlds, and simulations into their strategies, products and services.

iConecto's deep expertise in fitness, health and healthcare plus innovative developers experienced in mobile distributed content development including apps, video gaming for fitness and health and other experiences is the right formula 4 success.

'Healthy Patients: Supporting Stimulus Goals Through Health eGaming.':

Disruptive Women in Health Care and iConecto with their media partner, The Hill conducted this its first in a series of briefings on April 15 in the Rayburn House Office Building in Washington, D.C.

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